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The V.I.P


The details

The V.I.P


  • Smart Phone (e.g. iPhone) or video camera

  • A tripod or something similar

  • WhatsApp

  • A good internet connection

  • Good access to a table (your own at home or good access to a club)

  • Wireless headphones (not essential but very useful)

An opportunity to take significant steps forward with your service game and have a clear idea as to how to continue to improve the various aspect of serving.

With The V.I.P option, you'll receive:

  • A 15-minute consultation (to talk through your current training and aspects of your serve you're trying to improve).

  • 45-60 days of support.

  • Send as many video clips, over the time period.

  • Send messages, ask questions, ask for specific advice.

  • Receive 5 detailed and individual video tutorials.

  • A 30-minute online coaching session via an online video platform.

Let’s Work Together

The V.I.P

The V.I.P

With extra online session

The V.I.P

With feedback form

The V.I.P

With both extras

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