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Photo credit to WTT


"I'm a full-time professional player and I came to Craig for advice and guidance on my service, as I felt my service game was average. 

Craig and I spoke about what I'm currently doing well and what I need to focus on to take my serves to the next level. 

With Craig taking a look at my serves and us discussing the details about what I need to develop, I immediately improved my understanding and this helped my training become very clear and focused.

We've got a way to go to keep progressing the level of my serves but I'm already feeling and seeing the differences in my opponents responses.

If you really want to bring your service game to the next level, then I really recommend Craig."


"I've been working with Craig for a couple of years now. We started with online lessons, exchanging videos, messages etc., and he taught me his punch serve, which I was able to learn completely from scratch and now I'm able to use it in match situations.


It's incredibly gratifying when I'm able to deceive my opponents with my serve. We then expanded coaching into other areas of table tennis, particularly match analysis, which has been invaluable.


Craig is an excellent coach, very knowledgeable and he has very actionable feedback."


Photo credit to Mike Rhodes


I had been wanting to improve my serves for a while, so when Craig started his online service coaching, I signed up. During my time with Craig and his VIP option, he corrected many misconceptions I had about how to generate various spins but also how to deliver these serves in an effective way.

I made time to practice my serves, as I wanted to take full advantage of the information I was receiving. Despite being a busy mother of two, I still managed to find the time and Craig helped me with training strategies that helped me maximise this time. As a result, my serves really improved and I'm now using these new serves effectively in matches.

When practicing serves, I now regularly refer to the instruction videos Craig produced for me, which really help to remind me of key points and technique. I'm looking forward to learning some more serves with Craig in the future.

If you want to learn how to do something well, I'm a great believer in learning from the best!!


I began my journey with Craig as USATT 2036 rated player. Two months later, my rating shot up over 130 points to 2168.

Through his unparalleled experience and insight, he was able to show me techniques and concepts that have dramatically improved all of my serves. 

My usual training partners are now struggling with my serves, in ways that they haven't before, and it's all been an incredibly satisfying process.

Craig is a brilliant teacher and knows how to break down highly technical information in a way that is simple to understand and execute. I highly recommend his program to players of all levels, who want to improve their service game.

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